Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend update

We ended up pulling some favor out of our ass and went to the game. We also found out that the payment Rob was supposed to have gotten on Friday at the latest... didn't even get mailed until Thursday. Oh course it wasn't. Good thing that he got an email saying that it was sent out Tuesday. Seriously.
We found a car to buy. Finally. We are going to be getting a great deal on it. I am not thrilled with the idea of driving a ten year old car, but we don't have much of a choice. So, instead I will silently bitch about it here.
We met up with the whole fam on Friday night to have pizza and beer. Most of the family got to meet Arabel for the first time, and hand her around. Em had a freaking blast with the kids. My cousin told me to bring her over to play. I will have to take them up on that. She really needs some friends.
Saturday was a very early morning. We got up and got the kids ready to go. We were out at my friend's house by 9, and headed back into EL. The kids stayed with my friend while Rob and I tailgated. My mom can throw one hell of a tailgate. She was not joking around. They had the canopy all set up with a camping stove, picnic table and grill. Not to mention the insane amount of food. My mom made us all breakfast burritos and I made the morning cocktails. Bloody Mary's seemed to be the drink of choice. :) I switched to whiskey and coffee after that. The game was freezing cold (40 and windy) but it was worth it to be able to watch the seniors play their last game at Spartan Stadium. They pulled out another win. Now, they have a by week and then it is on to Penn State. Pray to the football gods that somehow, MSU can win against the Nittany Lions. It would be so awesome to be a Big Ten championship again.

Oh yeh, IT IS FUCKING SNOWING. Gaaah!!!! I am going to have to go buy Emma like a 1000 pairs of leggings or something because she refuses to wear pants, in winter... in Michigan. Shoot me.

OK the following is just going to be me being a petty bitch.

I have this "friend" that is pregnant. I hope that she gains like a million pounds. I am sure that she is dying for a girl. I hope that it is a boy. I know that it seems silly, but she hasn't been the greatest of friends lately. I am tired of her getting everything that she wants. Of course, she meets a guy after me, and gets engaged and married first. Boom, less than 3 months later she is pregnant. Ugh. Btw, not totally sure that I will be going to her baby shower. I don't want to at all. I don't want to watch people ooh and aah over her. I got the message (yup message) that she was pregnant via myspace. Seriously. Kiss my ass.

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Anonymous said...

I totally want to go tailgating with you guys lol. Just a couple thousand miles away, that's all.
Oh and that 'friend' comment. So hot. Seriously.