Monday, November 17, 2008

outrage update and a laugh

After I posted my outrage with the motrin ad, I kept checking in on what other moms thought. Let's just say that the score stands: pissed off moms-1 motrin-0. I am happy to report that they have pulled the ad and are pulling all print ads. There is even an apology up on the site. Does this mean I will run out and buy some motrin? Nope. I do honestly hope that they feel the crunch and POed moms will still boycott them, at least for awhile. I can hear generic ibprofen calling my name. :)

Remember the post about the friend who is pregnant? Yeh so she posted her first pregnancy picture. She is 19 weeks and I can honestly say... she just looks fat. Bwahahahahahahaha! I was actually bigger than her at 10 weeks with Belle. I am evil, but I am enjoying it. She is supposed to find out the sex this week, so pray it is a boy!!! Bwahahahahaa!

Trying to decide on how to spell Arabel's nickname. We obviously call her Arabel, Belle, and Bellie/Belie/etc... I have asked for some input and have gotten some options, I am just trying to decide what is the best. When Rob and I named her (God, what a tedious process that was. I would rather gnaw off my arm than do that again at the moment.) We both decided that spelling her name Arabel was perfect, we could have gone the Arabelle route, but that just looks weird to me now. lol

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