Thursday, November 13, 2008

An add on..

To the peeves list:

*People that work their ass off for another person and yet to get paid.
*Lying. I am so fucking tired of bullshit.
*Living paycheck to paycheck.
*The idea of going back to work when the idea makes me sick. I am screwed. Period.
*Thinking that I am fucking stupid. I am not a god damn retard.
*Money and people that don't pay.
*The idea that this trip won't happen.
*The thought of a proposal. I am at the giving up stage. I am pretty sure everyone in the world will get engaged before me.


Anonymous said...

All valid peeves.
For the record, you are one of the most intelligent people I KNOW!
Oh and the proposal thing- I feel somewhat guilty of this one because I like totally threw it in your face like an asshole lol. (I know you love me anyway). But seriously, Rob better be planning something specfuckingtacular! :)

Where'sWaldo said...

We actually had a chat about it last night. So, I do feel better about that. You had nothing to do with it! :)