Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tourney time!!

I love March. I love the dance. Watching basketball for days on end makes me a happy gal. I love filling out a bracket(s). Watching and pulling for random teams is fun for me. Though, nothing tops pulling for the Spartans. I am a basketball junkie. The problem with tourney time... I have to work during games. Nothing pains me more than having to serve d-bags during a State game. Yes, I say d-bags because some people are just honest to god douches. Yes, I get it, I am a server. That doesn't mean I am stupid, or below you. It means that you should be nice to me, I am touching your food and drinks. No, I don't mess with people (or their food/drinks), though TRUST me it is a tough call sometimes. Btw, thank you Wake for sucking ass and screwing my bracket. I knew that you were overrated but for christ sake, a first round ass kicking. Geez. Until Sunday I will be praying to the basketcall gods for State to pull off another victory against USC. Final Four... we need this. Izzo has a reputation to uphold.

Monday, March 16, 2009

General annoyance

I will not get into specifics on exactly what I am annoyed at, but I must vent. You have been warned. :)

I am so tired of taking care of things while others are MIA for extended periods of time. When the other people come are back in "action" for the short bursts of activity that we should feel so lucky to be blessed with their presence, I get shoved to the side. Nevermind the fact that I take care of things as they come up. I get an occasional "good job" and a "thank you", though I don't know that it was cutting it anymore. I am not a quitter per se, but you know I am really starting to wonder when to end a good thing. I really hate confrontation and would hate for things to end on a sour note. (Which is totally possible if something doesn't change a bit.) I feel like I am I getting used and stepped on. Other people have the ability to do what I do, but it is normally up to me. What is the point if I just get shoved aside like I don't matter? Though, I really do wonder if it would make that much of a difference if I wasn't there.

Part of me wonders if I am just changing my views on people and situations as I get older. I would have went on like this years ago, just being bitter on the inside. Now, I just don't know that I have the patience to deal with it. Maybe I am in a spring cleaning type of mood, and I am looking at areas of my life to clean up. Maybe it is just late and I am a tad crabby. (Which is possible, but I don't feel like I am crabby.) Watching a friend get treated like crap lately has really opened my eyes. I don't want to be that person that keeps going back time after time. I wonder if maybe I already am.

I guess the real question is how to you know when to call it quits? When do you take the high road and go out on a good note? How do you know when it is time? I am so very torn.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Burgers without incident

My friend Doug pulled up at my house around 4:30. I got the carseats in, loaded the kids and we were off. That is right, we took a road trip for burgers. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I was very nervous/anxious about the ordering process. We got there before the couple that we were meeting so Uncle Doug took Em up through the line to order her some food first. While they didn't send him to the end of the line... he did get a "that's not my area" comment a couple times. Emma comes back to the table with a grilled cheese and bag of chips. Hey, that is what she wanted for dinner. As soon as Em sits down with her food Arabel (aka Grabsy McGee) snatched up half of her sandwich and starts eating it. Good to know that she likes grilled cheese (and fried zuchinni and french fries) though. Time was up for me to hit up the line. It was truly nerve wracking. I am proud to report that I ordered correctly, and no anti-anxiety medications were needed. The food was good. It is not the type of place that we will take a 45 minute road trip to get (unlike Zingerman's Deli *drool*) but good none the less. Plus, it was on triple D and we all know how much I love the Food Network.

Other news:
While in the car on the way to Ann Arbor we were discussing the Lion King. Emma has watched the movie at least 4,000 times since Monday. No I am not exaggerating. I asked her "Emma, what is your favorite part of the Lion King?" Em's reply, "I love the part where the king is killed and then the little lion goes 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'" Yep, my kid's favorite part is when Mufasa is trampled to death. I couldn't make this up if I tried. I wonder if I should have her looked at... sadistic little kid.

Emma and I along with my mom are going to see Playhouse Disney Live tonight at Breslin. Em is pumped and to be honest, I kind of am too. I think that somedays I enjoy the Disney channel as much if not more than her.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

nervous about a burger

A friend and I are hitting up Blimpy Burger this afternoon to meet up with a couple friends, Savannah and Pat. Blimpy Burger is in Ann Arbor, so we are making an hour (give or take) trek for these delicious burgers. I am pretty pumped about the idea of fried veggies to be completely honest. Yum. Here comes the nervous part. They are like the Soup Nazi of burgers. If you order out of order, or incorrectly... they send you to the back of the line. I am pretty sure that I may have a panic attack just thinking about it. Hopefully, I will be able to make it through dinner without a Xanax. I am hoping Sav is feeling like taking some pics too. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Name at least 20 inanimate objects that you LOVE- in no particular order.

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Cheese
3. MSU Basketball
4. Crabby cheese dip from the Blue Gill
5. knitting
6. high heels
7. the color pink
8. root beer (a recent love)
9. fountain Coke from McDonald's
10. reality shows on Bravo
11. my bed (oh soooooo comfy)
12. extra dirty grey goose martinis
13. wedding planning
14. iced coffee
15. green beans
16. silence :)
17. The Little Einsteins (I really do love that show.)
18. the smell of clean babies
19. pedicures
20. crafting

I don't really have anyone to tag... :(

Wordless Wednesday

These are pictures of both of my girls at the same age, wearing the same shirt. I think the genes speak for themselves.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Case of the Mondays.

I am so blah the last couple days. I think that work is taking so much out of me. I feel exhausted almost all the time. Today was an internal power struggle to make myself get up. I am pretty sure that I could have slept for 15 straight hours, if not more. Taking Friday off this week (so Em and I can go to Playhouse Disney Live) is forcing me to work Wednesday. Wednesday is one of my typical off days. Can you tell how effing thrilled I am to have to work again on Wednesday? Blech. I have even contemplated quitting, though I like the people that I work with... well, for the most part.

I honestly don't have much else going on lately. Em has stopped being the DEVIL. Which is a nice break for me. After last week I was looking into boarding schools that took 4 year olds. You think that I am kidding? Try getting strawberry syrup out of the carpet.

I did have a bit of a panic attack yesterday. I realized that Arabel will be ONE in 6 short weeks. Seriously, when did that happen? I am very not OK with the idea of my sweet little peanut being one. I have to start figuring out what in the hell I am going to do for her party. Theme ideas anyone?