Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tourney time!!

I love March. I love the dance. Watching basketball for days on end makes me a happy gal. I love filling out a bracket(s). Watching and pulling for random teams is fun for me. Though, nothing tops pulling for the Spartans. I am a basketball junkie. The problem with tourney time... I have to work during games. Nothing pains me more than having to serve d-bags during a State game. Yes, I say d-bags because some people are just honest to god douches. Yes, I get it, I am a server. That doesn't mean I am stupid, or below you. It means that you should be nice to me, I am touching your food and drinks. No, I don't mess with people (or their food/drinks), though TRUST me it is a tough call sometimes. Btw, thank you Wake for sucking ass and screwing my bracket. I knew that you were overrated but for christ sake, a first round ass kicking. Geez. Until Sunday I will be praying to the basketcall gods for State to pull off another victory against USC. Final Four... we need this. Izzo has a reputation to uphold.

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