Thursday, May 28, 2009


I need a new job, yesterday. The owners treat me like ass. Today a friend of mine walks into the office to speak to said owner about a rumor that was going around about her stealing. YUP, STEALING. Guess what got glossed over... oh yeh that whole stealing thing. Somehow, this turns into Kimm doing everything wrong ever. Seriously? We jump from stealing to me talking. TALKING! I asked a mutual friend of ours, so what is up with so and so. There is talk that she is stealing. That was the extent of it. Friend B says something to friend A and next thing you know. Friend A is in the office crying and worrying about her job. This turns into well, if Kimm wouldn't breathe the world would be a better place. I am tired of getting shit on. I have been at that damn place for 5 1/2 years. I used to be a damn manager. (Not anymore due to my choice. I took a much needed hiatus when I was pregnant with Arabel.) I am not saying that I am perfect, far from it. However, I DO NOT deserve the shit that I get. This isn't the first time... recently, another bartender was caught giving away the bar- literally stealing money from their pockets. She gets pulled from the bar and put on the floor. What happens? Owner starts bitching that she would rather have Theify behind the bar than me. Whaaattt? Am I the only one who doesn't get this logic? She comes up with all sorts of elaborate (and false) stories about how everyone hates me. Really? Well, they all hide it very well from me then. So basically my day started by getting a phone call from my friend and manager there giving me the heads up about what went down. She defended me, which she always does... it just gets obnoxious. I shouldn't have to have my friend/manager standing up for me all the time. I shouldn't be getting shit that much. I have once again been reduced to tears to getting crapped all over. I have no idea what it was that I did to wrong owner so bad, but geez. I am now looking for other options job wise. Perfect economic timing huh?

So now I will sit here feeling sorry for myself.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy news for a friend.

I posted about a friend of mine back in December who lost her sweet baby Noah at 23 weeks. I am very happy to say that she found out that she is pregnant again. They found out about the new bundle on Noah's due date, which in itself is very special. She is due December 30th. I wish her a very happy and healthy 9 months, that results in a happy and healthy baby.

(Though, I am still hoping for a boy.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoy, I couldn't choose just one. What can I say, she really loves ravioli.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

extra, extra... read all about it.

So I have lots of news. Prepare yourself.

First of all Rob has decided to take the LSAT and go to law school. He has been researching and it is a very good possibility that he could get a scholarship to U of M law. (I would forever have to taunt him about being a Wolverine.) He could have a slew of offers. His grades since he went back to college after a 10 year hiatus have been great. He is pulling a 3.78 in his last 50 credits. He has taken a couple practice LSATs and has scored very high. Looks like there is a real possibility that I will be a law school widow, and maybe one day married to an attorney. *shudder*

We looked at a house today and it was a shit hole. Like such a shit hole that if you looked up shit hole in the dictionary (or wikipedia) it would have had a picture of this giant piece of crap. It was dirt cheap and that is why we entertained the idea. It wasn't worth the 12 hours we invested in it.

I think that is it for the moment. Now, off to work... again. I am exhausted.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The big 2-8

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. :)

I was lucky enough to be born on Mother's Day. I was given the present of a baby brother on my 4th birthday. We had plenty to celebrate today.

I slept in today... PAST NOON! It was amazing. We went over to my mom's house to have pulled pork, potato salad and all the fixings. It was delicious. I do have to say that my mom totally rocks. She still to this day makes my brother and I separate cakes. We are 28 and 24, and completely capable of sharing. I secretly like that we get our own cakes. We always have, it is a tradition now. My cake is always yellow with chocolate frosting and Jason's is funfetti with white frosting.

My step dad got me flower boxes to hang on the balcony and filled one with impatients and one with basil, parsley and chive seeds. My brother bought me a gorgeous pot of yellow dahlias. I think that I will have to work extra hard to keep all of my new plants alive. :) My mom bought me new bath towels, and I couldn't be happier! Emma and Arabel got me a sock monkey, which pretty much ROCKS.

Tonight I am going out for drinks with the girls and just may have a taste of Cristal. That is what I call ballin'.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Creeping up on me

Arabel is officially walking now. I say officially because she has been cruising since about 7 months and I am pretty sure she has just been perfecting her skills until they were up to her standards. Today she stood up in the middle of the room and proceeded to walk to one side, turn around and walk to the other. She is quick too!! I know that she has been completely capable yet unwilling to walk for months now. She has been stubborn since she was in utero. Little booger.

Another Arabel milestone... I washed and sanitized all the bottles and they now have a new home, in the closet. *tear* I have struggled with her growing up and this was something that I was struggling with. I figured that I couldn't have the crutch of the bottle laying on the counter when she was whining. It is all cup all the time now. Though, it did break my heart a little when she saw that her bottle was gone. I just saw the disappointment in her face. Ugh, nothing like a guilt trip from a 13 month old.

I did want to mention that I am craving and iced coffee and a snickers blizzard (freeze, flurry, whatever you call it) like it is going out of style. I just saw a Sonic commercial (which I also think is cruel considering the closest one is 40 minutes away) and I had to wipe the drool from my chin. Does that officially make me a fat kid? Either way, I think that I am OK with it. (I won't mention that our late night snack last night was mini corndogs and fried green beans/zucchini.)

Rob is done with school for the semester. Which now means that he has one whole week off before the first summer session starts and he hates his school life. Which brings me to the fact that he is a total drama queen. He threw a tantrum about his professor taking off a point on a project. A POINT! Guess what? He still has like a 98% in the class. Pretty sure a 4.0 is a 4.0 is a 4.0. Get over it. :) Though, I am super proud of him. I can't wait to watch him walk across that stage in December. *Note to self: get a baby sitter for that day... the last thing I want to deal with is 2 kids during commencement at a Big Ten University. *shudder*

The big 2-8 is quickly approaching for me. T- minus 2 days until I am in the late 20's club. I have noticed that when someone asks me my age, I reply, "almost 30." Wow. I can't complain though. I was noticing how I am down playing it this year. I love my birthday. This year, I kind of feel like it is lost. It falls on Mother's Day this year, which is nothing new to me. I was born on Mother's Day and it continues to happen every 6 years. My mom is the sweetest person ever though, she called to see what special dessert I wanted. I told her cupcakes. Delicious cupcakes. I guess I feel like it isn't a big deal because I don't have tons of people calling to see when and where we are going to get wasted. I will frankly be lucky to enjoy any type cocktails with friends. Here's to hoping though.

I realized that I couldn't write a post like this and not include an Emma gem. I told her my birthday was coming up and she said, yeh, I know. (Smart ass kid. Wonder where that came from?) She told me that I must be turning 17. When I told her I was turning 28 her mouth dropped open. I asked her if she thought that was old she said, "Well, yeah. But, I can only count to 30." I love that kid. She is my little buddy. She loves to cuddle with me all the time. She even told me that she thinks growing up with be fun (which is a very good thing, she has been very against the entire idea for a while.) When I asked her why, she explained that she gets to grow up with me. Talk about a melt your heart moment. Then, I am sure she ran around in circles and refused to quit talking/making noise for the next three hours.