Thursday, October 6, 2011

homemade cleaning products

I wanted to update everyone on our homemade product excursion. I have finally run out of washing soda... 6 months after buying the box. I have made 6 months worth of dishwasher detergent and 12 weeks worth of laundry detergent with the one box. We are beyond happy with the quality. So happy that we are looking to see if we can buy Borax and washing soda in bulk. :) We haven't bought any all purpose cleaner in about a year. I have started making my own Febreeze and dry sheets too. I am going all sorts of green. :)

Side note: I am not sure if my product review of Burt's Bees new sensitive line will be a go or not... I woke up this morning with a face full of itchy, red hives. There is a possibility that I am allergic to it. I will be spot testing over the next week or so to see if that is what it is, or if it was a fluke. I tend to be allergic to very weird things.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

first things first

Here I am, one month into school and I am still alive. I haven't strangled anyone yet and I still love what I am doing. It MUST be a miracle. :) I am finishing up all of the paperwork I needed for the Girl Scouts. I love being super involved with the PTA and all of the new relationships that I am forming through that. I am getting to be one of the cool moms. Which honestly, is pretty much the top of the totem pole when you are 30 with 2 kids and no job.

All of the activity has taken its tole on me, in the form of my body telling my face that I am apparently a 14 year old girl rather than 30. I have never been a girl that has battled with pimples. The worst bout I had was when I was in my first trimester with Arabel. My normally great skin has made me a crater face lately. It is so bad that I even took a picture to use as a before... I am trying a new line of products by Burt's Bees. I wanted to see if they really work. I promise that I will be posting an update. Yep, I will even show you all my naked, pimply face in the name of research. So you have that to look forward to. (I am going to try and do more product reviews. I have a couple lined up... let me know what you think about that.)

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