Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad, better, worse

Today started out terribly. Emma has been horrific lately. Her morning behavior is well... the worst I have seen in a long time. I have spent hours cleaning up her mess today and I am not even close to being done. As far as she knows, I am throwing away her play kitchen. (Really evil mommy me is putting it in the laundry room until a later date.) If anyone knows of a way to get strawberry syrup out of the carpet, please share. Yes, you read that correctly... strawberry syrup. 8am this morning was the wake up call for that hot mess. At least it is primarily sugar so the sheets, crib, walls and both girls came clean without much effort.

My state refund did hit my account today, so that was nice. Yay for the day getting better. Rob and I decided to run some errands. Shopping always make a girl feel better. Right? Too bad the purchases were basically toilet paper and toothbrushes. I was really hoping for something for me, but I will be satisfied with the Glade Plug In for the moment I guess. I happened to spy Guitar Hero III and BOOM! I realized I want Guitar Hero. I got Guitar Hero III and Aerosmith and a kick ass Les Paul guitar. So, I was pretty pumped about that.

Which brings me to the second part of better. My friend, Tamara, emails me and asks if I would be able to grab a drink with her. She had a rough day at work and I was having a rough day. We were going to hit a couple craft stores so I could get some yarn. Yes, yarn has the ability to make me happy at the moment. We set up for 6pm.

6:00 comes and goes and I hear nothing, I get no answer, I get nothing. Know what I got? Stood up. Awesome. Today this is not what I needed. Now, I am sitting here with a severely bruised ego and am pissy. I really needed out tonight. I needed the friend to hang out with and to pick out yarn. Yes, I am fully aware that I could have gone to the craft store myself. *whiney* I don't want to go the store myself. I wanted to hang out. *end whine* I need to get a sandwich and a pint of Ben & Jerry's. Maybe Karamel Sutra will make me feel better.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I watched the movie. The only comment I must make is... after waiting almost 5 years, Rob better not NOT propose. Seriously. He better not bitch out now. I better be the exception rather than the rule. Also, totally love Gennifer Goodwin and Justin Long. I think that Gennifer Goodwin is one of the reasons that I am still watching Big Love.

Want to hear a secret? He did spill the beans to me the other night that he has been looking at rings, he even picked one out. He told me that he wants to take me to NYC for my birthday this year. I am hoping it will happen in NYC. Though, it better not be a ring in a chocolate box at dinner in front of the whole place/ horse drawn carriage ride. That is soooo not us. Though, honestly I couldn't tell you what exactly is us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Belle's favorite toy from Aunt Kelly.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh yeh....

I am loving my new layout courtesy of!

Also, check out my rocking new hair. I need to take some more cute pictures of it.

That's all for now.

Grace in the Small Things

I have been slacking the last couple days due to me working a ton. I feel the need to share some positives that have been happening, no matter how small they may be.

1. Grand Traverse Select Sweet Traverse Red, it is soo yummy and local!
2. Pulled pork sandwiches.
3. Napping with Emma today.
4. Getting the cutest little valentine from a girl at work.
5. Emma writing "I love you" on a piece of paper for me.
6. Belle's curly little mohawk.
7. My kicking new haircut.
8. Getting a double tip from the d-bags that walked out on me.
9. Rob telling me that he is planning a trip to NYC for the two of us for my birthday. (That includes yummy food and a show!)
10. Sleeping in.
11. White chocolate chip macadamia nut oatmeal and dried cherry cookies that my mom makes. They were warm when I had the first one.
12. Grilled lobster.
13. Dead Like Me- the movie. I loved that show. (Minus that new Daisy, I liked the old one.)
14. The light in Em's eyes when I got home from work. She was the happiest girl ever.
15. A $12 tip on a $28 tab. Those people ROCKED!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the Dark & Grace in the Small things

Last night I worked. I am normally not a Wednesday night worker. Either way, I was there and was making money. There is a couple different things going on so we were busy. Well, we were busy until the power went out. I always thought that it would be cool to be at work and have the power go out. Wrong. The first thing you do is scramble to make sure that all your customers aren't making a beeline for the door. Which sadly some did, including a couple of mine that skated out on a $140 tab. Who does that you say? Assholes, that is who. I am choosing to not serve them again, so I could give 2 shits about them. I only deal with shit like that once before I write people off. I don't take it lightly, that is my livelyhood. Anyway, after about 2 hours the power comes back on and there is a whopping 2 people in the bar. It was fine, I still had a good time and I guess that is all that matters. Though, I wonder if I can just have an uneventful night at work. I will let you know how Saturday goes.

I got home entirely too late to write my grace in the small things. I will just go ahead and do 10 again today.

1. Getting my hair cut. I chopped off almost 6 inches and I feel lighter and renewed. (Oh and hot too.)
2. Telling Emma that we are going to see Playhouse Disney Live. I thought that she was going to pass out she was so happy.
3. The happiness that a 4 year old has for a happy meal.
4. Fountain Coke from McDonald's.
5. Snuggling on the couch with Emma watching her shows.
6. Durbulls- Jager and Root beer. (Again with the root beer) Delicious.
7. Songs from the Imagination Movers. I really do love that show and their songs.
8. Getting a cookie cake from Quality Dairy from a friend. It is chocolate chip and looks amazing. I feel loved.
9. Getting to go pick out Valentine gifts. I am going to go get some stuff for the girls later. I am excited.
10. Knowing that you are loved, because of the small things.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grace in the Small Things 6

I took the day off yesterday because I was in a less than positive mood. I had a bad day at work, and I should have been able to find 5 little things to be happy about.. I was definitely the glass is half empty yesterday.

1. Extra sleep.
2. Root beer. (That is the second time that I have used root beer... I have an obsession.)
3. Arabel saying her sister's name for the first time. The pure delight on Em's face was priceless.
4. Reusable shopping bags.
5. Watching Belle eating deli sliced turkey. That kid was in heaven.

adding a couple to make up for my craptastic mood yesterday.

6. Typing the word craptastic. It made me laugh out loud... in a room by myself.
7. The Real Housewives of Orange County. I may not be rich, but damn I feel good about my life.
8. Kalin Lucas. He makes me happy to be a Spartan.
9. The realization that Rob will really be done with school by the end of the year!!!!
10. Looking at houses. I love house hunting.

Too nice

Can you be too nice? Yes. The definitive answer is yes. I am a good person. I help people out when they need it. Tonight, I helped a co-worked who was hurting in a female way. She was scheduled to close, and I was scheduled to be first out. (Which tonight would have had me out of there close to the girl's bedtime.) Instead, I say, "hey, I will stay for you." Why? I have had those female issues and I could list at least a hundred things that I would rather do than kiss ass to a bunch of a-holes to make a couple bucks. I like my job, no matter how minuscule it seems to many. I have fun, and I am good at it. I make decent money, I wouldn't keep doing it if I didn't. Tonight was just one of those nights. By one of those nights, I mean a night from hell. Seriously. I was pulling out all the stops and couldn't make a buck to save my life. It was infuriating. So irriatating that I had tears welling up. I am not one that cries at work... ever. In all the years I have only ever cried once. (To my defense I was also pregnant and verbally assaulted by a regular.) Tonight was almost the second time that I have ever cried at work. I am too nice. I smile and do favors, yet I never seem to ask for ANY favor to be returned. I should really work on that.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Grace in the Small Things 5

Still keeping this up! Yay me!

1. Starting the day off with a blueberry muffin and a Coke.
2. Southwest eggrolls at work. Yum.
3. Keeping it extra real all day. One of the funniest conversations ever.
4. Laying on the big couch. I have missed my big couch.
5. Knowing that I am going to make someone feel loved on V-Day that isn't my significant other or child. (Or related in any way.) A big stuffed animal and a card can go a long way.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grace in the Small Things 4

1. Hanging out with my mom. I love her.
2. Arabel's crazy hair. It makes me smile.
3. MIL packing up to go home. (Do you hear the chorus of angels singing???)
4. The minor heat wave in Mid Michigan! Hooray! (Mini heat wave would be the 40's.)
5. Toffee made in Michigan, it is delicious.

I am doing a pretty good job keeping this up!! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Grace in the Small Things 3

1. The smell of Brown Sugar & Fig body cream from Bath & Body works.
2. The fact that my four year old asked for salad for lunch.
3. A nap in the middle of the day. Belle was sleeping, Emma wanted to cuddle up with me and we all caught some zzzs.
4. Emma telling me when she grows up she wants to be a princess, do ballet and have babies.
5. Buttered white toast. Yum.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Favorite mommy products

I just realized that since becoming a mom, I have drastically changed my shower gifts. No more receiving blankets. (I cut half of mine up and covered an old bulletin board. Yup, I am crafty like that.)

So here is my random list of my favorite products. Enjoy.

Hylands Teething Tablets- seriously the only reason I have lived through 2 kids teething. Seriously.

Munchkin Mesh Feeder- I am a big fan on homemade baby food. I love this because I got to introduce grapes and blueberries without freaking out that my little baby will choke to death. The best part- it is available in a two pack. That means one went to Grandma's house and one stayed home.

Nuk pacifiers- After 2 babies these were the only ones my kids would take.

Playtex Vent Aire wide bottles- I used the regular Vent Aire bottles with #1, and this time around I discovered the wides. I love these bottles. I hear that they even have a BPA free bottles now.

Bordeaux's Butt Paste- This stuff is magic. I have even used this on very chapped noses and I stand by my claim. Magic.

Gerber cloth diapers- No, I am not a cloth mama. (Yet. I really want to be but, haven't taken the plunge financially yet.) I have heard that the Gerber prefolds aren't all that great as actual diapers, though they make amazing burp cloths.

Grace in the Small Things 2

I know that it is only day 2 but I am really liking this so far. :)

1. Putting on a pair of pre-baby jeans, that not only zip... but make my butt look GOOD!!
2. 2 hours of Grey's/Private Practice.
3. Finishing my first knitted project. (A scarf... and it is pretty kick ass, if I say so myself.)
4. Watching my 9 1/2 month old slurp up noodles.
5. Freshly of out the dryer towels. Especially if they are folded the correct way. (See of a couple posts ago.)

contests galore

I have run into a ton of fun contests lately. I am really excited about this one though. Emma love Build A Bear. The idea that I could win her a $25 gift card would be awesome!! The turtle, the penguin and the elephant are calling my her name.

Check out and enter to win yourself. (Or not... more of a chance for me to win.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Grace in the Small Things

I was recently reading on another blog about challenging yourself to find 5 things a day that are positive. I figured that I could always afford to be more positive so here I am.

1. Root beer and turkey pot pie.
2. Watching the excitement on Em's face as she walked into her room and saw her little sister's crib.
3. Top Chef is on tonight, and I am able to follow Spike and Andrew on Twitter during the thing. :)
4. My super cozy MSU sweatshirt
5. MSU basketball :)

Wordless Wednesday

25 things all about me.

These are different from the ones I posted on Facebook. Well, most of them.

1. I am hilarious. Though, sometimes I think that I amuse myself more than anything.
2. I miss my best friend more than anything. She lives too far away and it sucks. Even though we won't be sleeping in bed together with no pants on.
3. My friends and I have the funniest inside jokes ever. Seriously. I could randomly think of them at any random time and laugh out loud.
4. I love bad reality TV, and good reality TV. OK, reality TV in general.
5. I hate confrontation. I will avoid it at all costs. (Check my posts on my MIL.)
6. I talk to my mom everyday. If we don't talk we end up calling one another by the end of the day just to check in.
7. My mom is one of my best friends. I didn't realize how awesome she was until I grew up and had kids.
8. My mom is an amazing cook. I can't cook very well, which is pretty ironic. I usually have dinner cooked by mom once a week. Thank goodness that Rob can cook.
9. Cheese is definitely my favorite food. I keep eating bleu cheese, even though I don't like it because I really want to like it. I am an equal opportunity cheese lover.
10. I hate showering. The idea of getting wet and then being wet and cold sucks. Not to mention all of the work I have to do post shower to become presentable.
11. Some of the best women I have ever met have been over the internet. I wish that I had the money to be able to meet most of them. They know more about me than people I see day to day do.
12. I wish that I had more close friends that live around here. I am afraid to reach out because nothing would be worse than feeling unliked after trying.
13. I have 2 of the most adorable girls. I really do think that they are beautiful.
14. I can't wait until Rob proposes. I want to get married so bad it kills me. At the same time I worry that he will never propose and we will just live in sin forever. (Not that I actually have an issue with living in sin. I just really want to get hitched.)
15. I now have to sleep with the TV on all night. I get weirded out if it is off.
16. I have an irrational fear of horses. They scare the shit out of me. You will never catch me riding one ever again.
17. I love Arabel's name. I am very happy that we didn't pick something more ordinary. Looking back I wish that I would have chosen something different for Emma. Though, she is totally an Emma.
18. I like working, but wish that I made more money so that I didn't feel so guilty leaving the kids for $35 in tips.
19. I just learned how to knit (just the knit stitch) and I am pretty good at it. I really enjoy it.
20. I would love to be a wedding planner but lack the ambition to get there.
21. Monday nights at work are hysterical. I work with 2 of the funniest guys ever and they make my night every time that I see them.
22. I love musicals. In fact I was one of the leads in my high school musical. Many people don't realize that I can actually sing because I screw around so much.
23. Nothing hits the spot like an extra dirty grey goose martini with extra olives. I just salivated a little.
24. I try and not get my hopes up about anything anymore because I have been disappointed so many times before.
25. Guys that cry on TV annoying the piss out of me. I seriously wish that I could reach through and slap them.