Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Too nice

Can you be too nice? Yes. The definitive answer is yes. I am a good person. I help people out when they need it. Tonight, I helped a co-worked who was hurting in a female way. She was scheduled to close, and I was scheduled to be first out. (Which tonight would have had me out of there close to the girl's bedtime.) Instead, I say, "hey, I will stay for you." Why? I have had those female issues and I could list at least a hundred things that I would rather do than kiss ass to a bunch of a-holes to make a couple bucks. I like my job, no matter how minuscule it seems to many. I have fun, and I am good at it. I make decent money, I wouldn't keep doing it if I didn't. Tonight was just one of those nights. By one of those nights, I mean a night from hell. Seriously. I was pulling out all the stops and couldn't make a buck to save my life. It was infuriating. So irriatating that I had tears welling up. I am not one that cries at work... ever. In all the years I have only ever cried once. (To my defense I was also pregnant and verbally assaulted by a regular.) Tonight was almost the second time that I have ever cried at work. I am too nice. I smile and do favors, yet I never seem to ask for ANY favor to be returned. I should really work on that.

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