Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grace in the Small Things 6

I took the day off yesterday because I was in a less than positive mood. I had a bad day at work, and I should have been able to find 5 little things to be happy about.. I was definitely the glass is half empty yesterday.

1. Extra sleep.
2. Root beer. (That is the second time that I have used root beer... I have an obsession.)
3. Arabel saying her sister's name for the first time. The pure delight on Em's face was priceless.
4. Reusable shopping bags.
5. Watching Belle eating deli sliced turkey. That kid was in heaven.

adding a couple to make up for my craptastic mood yesterday.

6. Typing the word craptastic. It made me laugh out loud... in a room by myself.
7. The Real Housewives of Orange County. I may not be rich, but damn I feel good about my life.
8. Kalin Lucas. He makes me happy to be a Spartan.
9. The realization that Rob will really be done with school by the end of the year!!!!
10. Looking at houses. I love house hunting.

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