Thursday, February 5, 2009

Favorite mommy products

I just realized that since becoming a mom, I have drastically changed my shower gifts. No more receiving blankets. (I cut half of mine up and covered an old bulletin board. Yup, I am crafty like that.)

So here is my random list of my favorite products. Enjoy.

Hylands Teething Tablets- seriously the only reason I have lived through 2 kids teething. Seriously.

Munchkin Mesh Feeder- I am a big fan on homemade baby food. I love this because I got to introduce grapes and blueberries without freaking out that my little baby will choke to death. The best part- it is available in a two pack. That means one went to Grandma's house and one stayed home.

Nuk pacifiers- After 2 babies these were the only ones my kids would take.

Playtex Vent Aire wide bottles- I used the regular Vent Aire bottles with #1, and this time around I discovered the wides. I love these bottles. I hear that they even have a BPA free bottles now.

Bordeaux's Butt Paste- This stuff is magic. I have even used this on very chapped noses and I stand by my claim. Magic.

Gerber cloth diapers- No, I am not a cloth mama. (Yet. I really want to be but, haven't taken the plunge financially yet.) I have heard that the Gerber prefolds aren't all that great as actual diapers, though they make amazing burp cloths.

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