Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I watched the movie. The only comment I must make is... after waiting almost 5 years, Rob better not NOT propose. Seriously. He better not bitch out now. I better be the exception rather than the rule. Also, totally love Gennifer Goodwin and Justin Long. I think that Gennifer Goodwin is one of the reasons that I am still watching Big Love.

Want to hear a secret? He did spill the beans to me the other night that he has been looking at rings, he even picked one out. He told me that he wants to take me to NYC for my birthday this year. I am hoping it will happen in NYC. Though, it better not be a ring in a chocolate box at dinner in front of the whole place/ horse drawn carriage ride. That is soooo not us. Though, honestly I couldn't tell you what exactly is us.

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