Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the Dark & Grace in the Small things

Last night I worked. I am normally not a Wednesday night worker. Either way, I was there and was making money. There is a couple different things going on so we were busy. Well, we were busy until the power went out. I always thought that it would be cool to be at work and have the power go out. Wrong. The first thing you do is scramble to make sure that all your customers aren't making a beeline for the door. Which sadly some did, including a couple of mine that skated out on a $140 tab. Who does that you say? Assholes, that is who. I am choosing to not serve them again, so I could give 2 shits about them. I only deal with shit like that once before I write people off. I don't take it lightly, that is my livelyhood. Anyway, after about 2 hours the power comes back on and there is a whopping 2 people in the bar. It was fine, I still had a good time and I guess that is all that matters. Though, I wonder if I can just have an uneventful night at work. I will let you know how Saturday goes.

I got home entirely too late to write my grace in the small things. I will just go ahead and do 10 again today.

1. Getting my hair cut. I chopped off almost 6 inches and I feel lighter and renewed. (Oh and hot too.)
2. Telling Emma that we are going to see Playhouse Disney Live. I thought that she was going to pass out she was so happy.
3. The happiness that a 4 year old has for a happy meal.
4. Fountain Coke from McDonald's.
5. Snuggling on the couch with Emma watching her shows.
6. Durbulls- Jager and Root beer. (Again with the root beer) Delicious.
7. Songs from the Imagination Movers. I really do love that show and their songs.
8. Getting a cookie cake from Quality Dairy from a friend. It is chocolate chip and looks amazing. I feel loved.
9. Getting to go pick out Valentine gifts. I am going to go get some stuff for the girls later. I am excited.
10. Knowing that you are loved, because of the small things.

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