Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A day in the life

I have been busy. I am volunteering at the United Way still, but get this... they like me so much that they are paying me for this project. :) I am basically quality checking campaign pledge forms. It is slightly boring, receptive and not glamourous, but I like it. I seem to be very quick and accurate. Who knew? I am still working reading groups in Em's class. (Which by the way her teacher told me that to start getting her harder books- level 1 readers are too easy... Level 2 here we come!) On top of that I was dealing with a sick Arabel for like a week. Poor kid had something and just couldn't get back to 100%. I think she is finally back to like 95% which I will take after she was so pitiful. Though, I love how cuddly she was. Dinner still had to be made, the house still needed to be cleaned. On top of everything else, my one aunt was admitted to the hospital for a week due to being sick. My other aunt had very invasive stomach surgery a couple days ago. We have all been on pins and needles, the surgery has a 25% of the patient aspirating during surgery. My aunt was boarderline for needing a heart catheter prior to surgery. I am happy to report that she made it through surgery and was up and moving around today. My mom and I will be going to the hospital to visit her tomorrow. Oh, and spring break is next week. I seriously need a vacation. For realz.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have dealt really well with the fire, at least I like to think. 9 months ago our lives were in limbo. Sure, I have my share of panic attacks but I feel like that is something I can live with. Tonight, I was looking for a shirt. Then, I can't remember if we got it from the fire. I got sad, like really sad. The shirt then opened the flood gate of things that I am unsure of getting. Did we get my baby blanket? The blanket I slept with every day as a child, the blanket that was a stand in lovey for when the girls' blankets were in the wash. Now, at 1:00 in the morning I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. They are material things, I understand this which is why I feel so stupid about being upset about them. Still, I feel like I have a little bit of a right to be sad about the things (only things) that we lost. Tomorrow WILL be a better day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the random duties of a mom

I always knew that being a mom wouldn't be glamourous. I knew it would mean sleepless nights, eating cold dinners, being covered in puke/spit/pee/poop/insert any other bodily function here, cleaning up said puke/spit/pee/poop/etc. Never once did it ever occur to me that as a mother I would be bent over the tub shampooing a 3 foot tall Rapunzel doll's hair. I actually bathed a doll, shampoo, rinse and condition. Then, I got to spend the next million and a half hours to brush that tangled (ha, you see what I did there? Tangled, Rapunzel... I am hilarious.) mess of a2 1/2 feet of hair. I did it because I am a mom. I did it because A was crying like I cut off her arm when she couldn't play with Rapunzel, due to Emma unintentionally puking in her hair. I mean who doesn't want to spend a majority of their Wednesday night picking dried macaroni out of a doll's hair. I am living the dream man.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

randomly random

A couple of random things on my mind....

Kind of obsessed with this song at the moment. Also, Darren Criss is freaking hot & uber talented. I kind of love him.

Emma rocks my socks.