Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the random duties of a mom

I always knew that being a mom wouldn't be glamourous. I knew it would mean sleepless nights, eating cold dinners, being covered in puke/spit/pee/poop/insert any other bodily function here, cleaning up said puke/spit/pee/poop/etc. Never once did it ever occur to me that as a mother I would be bent over the tub shampooing a 3 foot tall Rapunzel doll's hair. I actually bathed a doll, shampoo, rinse and condition. Then, I got to spend the next million and a half hours to brush that tangled (ha, you see what I did there? Tangled, Rapunzel... I am hilarious.) mess of a2 1/2 feet of hair. I did it because I am a mom. I did it because A was crying like I cut off her arm when she couldn't play with Rapunzel, due to Emma unintentionally puking in her hair. I mean who doesn't want to spend a majority of their Wednesday night picking dried macaroni out of a doll's hair. I am living the dream man.

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