Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I will not be bored

Rob hasn't heard anything on the job situation as of yet.

I am taking on lots already.

I am working the welcome breakfast at E's school. I really want to be more involved with our PTA, so this is step one. I will be working in her classroom as much as possible. I won't know what I will be doing or how often until after she starts next week.

I am taking on another role with the United Way. I will be attending the volunteer kick off breakfast next week for training. I will be an account volunteer. This way I will have direct contact with businesses and be involved in the campaign.

Have I mentioned that I might be a daisy troop leader this year too?

So there is that.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So here is what is going on with me

As promised... I said that I had a huge blog post to write up. Here is me attempting to write it.

Check out the latest blog post over that the Waldo-Horvath girls about our recent trip. As we were on out way home Rob brought up the idea of possibly looking into jobs there. He was testing the water because he knows that I kind of lose my shit at the idea of leaving my happy little bubble here at home. I don't have an automatic knee jerk reaction to the idea, so that is a major plus. We are talking about Chicago here, still the midwest, still within 4 hours of home and totally do-able. Little did I understand that since we had a pretty productive talk about the possibility that Rob was planning to put a plan in action. The next day he revamped his resume and sent it to a huge recruiter in the Chicago area. By Tuesday, he had received 7 phone calls about jobs. He had an interview with the recruiter in our area, but is primarily working with the office in the city.

Here is what we are likely looking at:
Rob will most likely be offered a contract position for a short(ish) amount of time. His longest time he is willing to go for is 3 months. He will end up staying in the city Monday thru Friday and take the train home to spend time with us on the weekend. If he gets a permanent position offer that is monetarily worth it, he will take it. The girls and I will most likely stay here until the end of the school year. (I am very against the idea of E being pulled in the middle of the school year.)
We are looking at having insurance, having a financial cushion and more responsibility.
I am looking at essentially being a single mom 5 days a week. Am I freaking out about it? Not really, oddly enough. I guess my new motto is "just keep swimming." I will most likely be a little crazy, but I WILL get through this. WE will get through this.

Hell, we don't even know what will actually happen.

something I just noticed.

Does anyone happen to think that

Crazy Harry from the Muppets

looks an awful like Gru from Despicable Me?

I guess I should say that Gru looks like Crazy Harry.


I have a huge blog post that I need to write up, but honestly I am not in the mood at the second. I am currently sitting on my couch, watching Sex & the City reruns on style, and waiting for my benadryl to kick in. You have be forewarned that this blog post may start getting funny... benadryl has a way of doing that to me.

I am watching reruns of Sex & the City, as stated like 2 sentences ago, what a fantastic show. I heard a rumor that SATC 3 or a prequel may be in the works. Hey, as long as it is better than 2, I will be happy. A prequel would be fun. Along the same line of thinking... the current episode that I am watching is the one where Viktor is being so romantic that it makes Carrie uncomfortable. You know, I am THAT girl. I am the one that if Rob were to propose with roses, candles and champagne in a chocolate box I would probably throw up. We will never be that couple that sits on the same side of the booth. If a guy wrote me a poem or tried to ballroom dance with me in the middle of the park... I would either puke or punch him. My idea of romance is holding the door for me and letting me get the surf and turf for dinner.

Shit, I totally just forgot what I was going to write here. Oy.

Look for a new look for the blog soon-ish. I am bored with the current look so there is that.

I had major intensions of making this post much longer, instead I have spent a majority of the time using spell check. I think the allergy medicine has started to take over. Nighty night for now.