Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, I had to move the baby out of the bassinet part of the pack-n-play. She was standing up and jumping up and down. She is not even 7 months old yet. I think that she is loving the crib though, she has a ton more room.

Em informed me today that she wants a princess tea party for her birthday. OK, I can handle that, I think. Except, I will not be paying $250 for some tea party place. Can you say insane??? Plus, I am guessing that if the Disney trip pans out we can go a little more low key for her party. I mean, she is going to be 4, she doesn't even really have friends. lol I have a couple people (and their kids) that would come. I have no idea how to make a princess tea party fun for boys. I think that I am going to make her another tutu dress that is pink and purple for her to wear. Maybe this year we won't have a crazy snowstorm so people actually show up.

Rob and I had a good talk last night. I brought up the fact that I am ready to give up on the idea of us getting married. I know that we will be together, but I want to do it the way that we both want to. Rob said that he wants to get me the ring that I deserve. (all together now... awwwww) The thing is, it seems like there will always be something more important to spend money on. He mentioned maybe the spring. I don't know, I am not getting my hopes up but at least this way I can be extra surprised and thrilled when I actually get a proposal. He thinks I am funny b/c I look at bridal magazines and have so much planned out. lol

A friend of mine took pictures of the girls when we went out to lunch, and she is using them as samples on her webpage and blog. She has decided that she would try her hand at a small photography business. Plus, she said she would take the girls pictures anytime for free! Hooray!

I wanted to say that I feel like I have been really negative lately. I am hoping that changes soon. I am making a effort to not be so negative all the time.

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Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Arabel...I know you already know this and I am feeling like captain obvious today, she is getting too big, too fast!
Good luck with Em's party, I really hope it works out!
I am so glad you talked to Rob, I know that had to help a bit! And yes, that is so sweet that he wants to get you the ring you deserve. I hope you get your ring, your proposal and your husband...soon, for your sake (and his, lol).
Sweetie, you're in a slump. It's so common especially with all the stresses you have on you right now!