Monday, November 24, 2008

twilight *sigh*

I love the Twilight series. I love that Edward is like the most perfect guy ever. I love that I am 27 and wish that I was a fictional character named Bella so I could make out with him. Seriously.

I went and saw the movie last night. Swoon. Watching Rob for 2 hours was worth the $4.50 for a ticket, no joke. I could have watched him for hours. Did I like it? Yup. Could have it been better... sure. The glittering part was pretty lame on my end, he kind of looked like he accidentally rubbed up against one too many strippers. (Edward would never do that though.) The whole adaptation thing from the book was pretty on par... though there were a couple things they switched up. I guess that I will live. lol I didn't realize that Eric would be a gay Asian kid. The casting for Carlise and Esme really threw me off. Though, I will probably see it at least one more time in the theater, and then buy it when it comes out.

Rob Pattinson is my new crush. The things that I could do to that boy. Yum. Add him to my 5 for sure.

Holy hot.

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