Wednesday, November 12, 2008

List of Peeves

I figured that I should probably get my list of peeves down somewhere. Here you go you lucky duck.

*When your significant other sets their alarm, but then pushes the snooze button 800 times. Seriously, what is the point if you aren't going to get up when it goes off.
*Alarms in general. There is nothing worse than getting woken up to an obnoxious buzzing or beeping. Plus, it wakes up the baby.
*The Wiggles. They are just plain creepy.
*Onions. They freaking annoy me.
*People who don't show up/call when they say that they will. If we made plans and you are going to back out... just let me know- don't leave me hanging.
*The fact that my daughter refuses to wear pants.
*The fact that my daughter refuses to wear clothes 90% of the time.
*The stupid shows that Rob chooses to turn on. I get it, you like space... but you don't even watch. You pretend like you will, but you are on your computer never looking up.
*Saying that you are working, when I know damn well that you are on the RCMB. You can't fool me.
*Annoying toys. Really, do we need a talking vacuum cleaner. No, the correct answer is no.
*Right wing nut jobs.
*When the kitchen is clean, your trash goes in the trash can, your dirty fork goes in the dishwasher. I swear if I wipe off the stove one more time after you cook and leave everything in the pans... I may punch you. Just saying.
*Excuses for EVERYTHING. You know who you are. Heaven forbid you just be wrong.

I am sure there will be more. It is still early.

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Anonymous said...

hahahahaha, I love you!!!