Monday, November 10, 2008


(When you read the title, please say it in that valley girl voice, and only say the letters as if you are speaking in txt language. It makes me feel young and hip. If only to amuse me, do it.)

OK. I could literally pee my pants at the possibility that was brought to my attention about 20 minutes ago. I look over and notice that Rob is looking up what seems to be some sort of travel site. Normal occurrence as he is basically the travel bitch when his dad is traveling. I guess typing in is too tough for him. Oh well, more billable hours I suppose. Anywho, so I ask (kind of snottily might I add- whoops) what he is looking at. He then informs me that we need a vacation. Uh, no shit Sherlock. Our lives have been a whirlwind of poop and mouthy 3 year olds, mixed with him working like a bajillion different jobs and school. (Wow, I really am a plethra of tangents today huh. Good thing the only people that read this know how loopy I am, and still love me for it.) He was looking at airfare to Orlando. Hooray for warm weather in December!!! Oh did I mention that he brings up the fact that he would like to take the girls to Disney? Big kicker here... ON EMMA'S BIRTHDAY. I have a princess that would DIE if she actually met princesses, and Mickey and the gang. He wants to stay on site, and have breakfast with the characters for her. He is totally going to win the best dad ever award. I will never be able to live up to that, but hey I will take it for the Disney trip!!! We would also drive down to the Boca area and see his family. (Who I have never met, by the way.) We would end up staying there for a day or two and drive back to Orlando to catch the flight home. Looks like I have some serious Disney forums to scour for info. I want to do this so bad. Emma would die. She just might be good for the rest of her life if we do this. (OK, that would never happen, but it is a nice dream- OK?)

On a totally different note: I get a call from my dad tonight. Weird. He is a little... ummm... well... not with it anymore. He had a really bad motorcycle when I was 16ish and hasn't been the same since. He used to be an electrical engineer, he designed robots. Now, he gets jobs at equal oppurtunity employers. True story, he is the head janitor at a place that hires people with head injuries. (Holy another tangent.) Anyway, phone rings Daddy-O on the line. He tells me that I am invited to the big family Christmas. Insert gag here. It is with his side of the family. The side of the family that insisted that we all go to church together for my grandma's 80th birthday to surprise her. I was a bar manager, and didn't get off work until 4am. I drug my tired ass out of bed at 6:30 to get me and the family ready for church. We all show up and dear ole grandpa gets up to introduce his whole family to the congregation. He forgets my effing name. Seriously. So glad that I got up for that. I stop by my mom's house after church to tell her about the mortifying experience... she literally makes me a drink at like 10am because spending time with them... required alcohol. (Another tangent. Man, I am on a tangent roll.) He took the time to call like a month early so I am pretty much stuck going. Sweet, now I get to drive 3 hours there to hang out with a family where I am the black sheep (the bro-ham takes part of the heat too) and then, pack up 2 cranky kids and drive 3 hours back. Then, I get to get all of Emma's birthday party stuff ready for a party the next day. But, hey at least I know that sunny Orlando will be right around the corner. I swear to God, if it is not sunny in Orlando I will freak out.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah the valley girl voice was a fun change!
I really hope you guys are able to go to Disney, that would be a trip of a lifetime, for sure!
As for your dad thing...ick. I can totally see why you're not excited about that.
Look at it this way, if it's good, then you'll have a good time. If it's bad, you get to drink, lol.