Thursday, November 6, 2008

My MNO update

I went to the mom's night out hosted by Lansing Moms Like Me. I honestly had a great time. (OK minus the kind of snooty bitches that sat by us. I don't think that it was intention, but they were a little bitchy. Though, they may have been slightly intimidated by me and Tamara. We pretty much always have a great time when we are together. lol) We got there and signed up for door prizes. We all got 4 tickets to the MSU women's volleyball game at the end of the month. I also got a really cute canvas bag for being one of the first site members. (Totally geek moment there.) I won a t-shirt/magnet/pink pen package, I got another tote bag too. They were giving out free massages and had great food. They had tons of great prizes too!! The site manager told me that they are hoping to do it once a month.

Great night all in all. I am really hoping that the days ahead are as good. :)

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