Friday, January 30, 2009

Say Whhhaaaaatttt???

OK a disclaimer: I am a really nice person, most of the time.

The MIL is a thorn in my side. I really can't wait until she is gone from my livingroom. I have already bitched enough about her in my previous post, but really it is that bad. I promise. You are more than welcome to borrow her if you want. I will totally let you. One upside: she is doing the laundry. Hey, I hate laundry. More power to her. Here I go bitching again. Remember how I am a creature of habit?? Well, I still fold my bathroom towels the way we folded them when I worked at Target. (And, I didn't normally work in the part of the store that had to fold towels. I worked in softlines which is clothing. Can you see where this is going??) She folds all the clothes wrong. I know, I know, I should be greatful. It literally eats at me, and I contemplate re-folding all the clothes, because I am anal like that. I totally do re-fold all of the towels, because that shit bugs the hell out of me.
Rob is getting annoyed because I am bitching about her. He wants me to start bitching at her. Guess what?? I hate confrontation so that is so not going to happen. Instead, I will come here and bitch until my face is blue. Good thing that that I have good friends that I can call and vent too.

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kristin said...

I speak from experience. Having someone help you out with any chore is awesome. But everyone does things differently and when you are in someone elses house ASK THE WAY THEY WANT THINGS! Such a pet peeve of mine, so I totally understand where you are coming from! I hope you have your couch and your sanity back soon love!