Thursday, January 22, 2009

I really do love Playhouse Disney

Rob's mom has been here for a couple weeks now. I am annoyed. I am really trying not to be, but I am. She needs help with the microwave all the time. (Seriously??? It's a damn microwave, not rocket science.) I have 2 kids already, the last thing that I need is someone else to make meals for. She watches weird shows (normally involving killing and crime). I am a creature of habit. We turn on Playhouse Disney in the livingroom and leave it on. The kids don't sit and watch hours of TV, but at least this way I know that they are watching kid friendly/educational stuff. She has taken over the couch (the big couch) so Rob and I are stuck on the tiny ass love seat together. Cozy right? No. I am used to having the big couch and he has the little couch, that is just how we roll. We are starting to get on each others nerves because we are practically on top of each other all of the time. Emma won't even come out of her room if I am not in the livingroom. She has been soooo clingy lately. All of a sudden she wants to sleep with us and the whole deal. She has never, ever slept with us. To be honest that is not a habit that I would like to start at 4.
Emma has been sick the past couple nights. Can you believe that I had lived the past 4 years as a mother without having to clean up puke. That streak ended on Monday night. The poor girl was covered and unhappy. She is finally feeling better. I am so relieved because I hated when she felt like crap and there was nothing that I could do.

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