Tuesday, January 6, 2009

random thoughts for today

Working is good. I actually like getting out of the house and being known as Kimm instead of mom. Even though it has been painfully slow lately, coming home with $40 is still $40 we didn't have before. I will take it. :)

Emma has entirely too much energy for her own good. It is cold out and she refuses to try on her new snow pants let alone wear them. At least I have finally managed to get her to wear pants now and then. I really can't wait until it is warm enough for her to run around like a crazy person and get some of that energy out. She is also too smart for her own good. The stall tactics that she has come up with is amazing. She will wait to poop until bedtime, clever huh?

Arabel is getting soooo big. She has been saying Dada since Christmastime and we have been coaxing her to say Mama. Well, she has!! Rob said that she was yelling "mama! mama!" last night. He tried to record it, but then she would stop and stare at the camera. lol Smart kid. I did finally get to hear it though. Granted it was at 6:30 this morning when she woke up and was hungry and wet. I can stand getting woken up with squeals of mama!! (Remind me that I said that in a couple months.) Next on the list is Emma. I know that Em will DIE if Bellie starts saying her name.

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