Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Damn those informercials are GOOD!!!

I have always been a sucker for a good infomercial. I mean how many other 12 year olds that you knew asked for a Ronco food dehydrated for their birthday. True story that I asked for it, even better... I got it. I made fruit leather, beef jerky, bagel chips and a plethora of dried fruits for months. Now, I am pretty sure that it is sitting in my mom's basement. Either way, I have been sucked into the magic of infomercials from a young age. Heck, I was fighting sleep the other night to stay up and watch the Cricut Expressions one. It is a sickness, I swear. If I had a disposable income, I would own soooo much infomercial stuff. Rob has recently been suckered into a particular one. The ShamWOW! I mean how could you not? Vince (that is the guy who is selling it... Vince- I know because we are super tight like that.) is wearing a headset, for no real reason. He talks loud and fast (but not loud and obnoxiously like Billy Mays), and asks the camera guy if he is following him. The whole thing is hypnotic. Rob has even gone to the extent of quoting it on pretty much a daily basis "You are going to spend $20 a month on paper towels anyway." I have actually owned a ShamWow! and that shit is AWESOME!! One drunken night in my past a neighbor and I dumped a whole gallon of water on the floor to see if it would pick it up. (It did!!)
Rob is out picking up lunch today. He is coming up on the American Eagle superstore, it sells all sorts of random stuff... lots of as seen on TV stuff. He then sees a giant scrolling sign that seems as if it directly from the informercial gods. "SHAMWOW $10" What does he do?? He pulls in and goes and buys his precious ShamWow. He did admit that he was laughing hysterically to himself while buying. I am sure that the cashier thought that he was certifiably insane. The joy he got from coming home and presenting me with his new purchase was worth the $10. He then promptly went in the kitchen and dumped a couple cups of water on the floor, just to test it out.
We are seriously an advertisers dream.


theresa said...

I am dying for a ShamWOW. I am glad to hear it works, now I can justify buying it.

*ashla said...

You guys are nutso! But seriously, I would love to have a shamWOW! My mom once bought me a handheld blender than I seen on an infomercial. I think I was about 12. :)

Anonymous said...

I am giggling like crazy! After I read your twitter about the ShamWOW Howard saw an infomercial and said, That probably doesn't work at all. I told him that Rob bought one and he wanted to know the outcome. I just read him this blog post and he's laughing, sorely and poorly because of all the puke, but you made us laugh for the first time in days.