Thursday, December 11, 2008

got to thinking

Money has been a serious issue for us. Thank God some miracle happened and everything is straightened out. We were in a serious pickle... like serious. As Rob wrote an insanely large rent check, he looked at me and said, "This is like 4-5 months of a mortgage payment." Uh DUH! No shit Sherlock, I have been trying to tell you that we have been dumping money into this shitty apartment complex for 5 damn years. Do you have any idea how much 5 years worth of rent is? $55,200... yeh, seriously. Did you know that we are looking into a house that is currently on the market for $49,900. Yeh, really. Rob and I are both very interested in the place. It is 3 bedrooms with an extra room (maybe a playroom... or office) and a basement. It looks like someone has tried to fix it up. Hardwood throughout the main areas and carpet in the bedrooms. I really want to go look at it and try to get it. I am DYING to get the hell outta here. Did I mention that it is in my home town, right across town from my parents, and a short walk from my best friend's house? Yeh. I am going to push for this.

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Anonymous said...

As well you should! Rent is such a waste! I hope you guys are able to get it!