Saturday, December 6, 2008

lunch time

We went out to lunch today. I never thought that it would be so nice to go out to lunch as a family. A sat in the high chair and was loving the attention and oohhs and aahs from on lookers. E got to choose whatever she wanted from the menu, and she picked a chicken sandwich with applesauce. She ate the entire thing, so we got her an Oreo shake. Both of the kids were so well behaved, I couldn't have been happier. It was the best hour we have had as a family lately.

E's birthday party is next weekend, and I haven't started on buying any gifts. I really hope that we are able to swing the money for gifts. I would feel like such a failure if we can't. We are kind of hurting right now, and it is very frightening for us. Rob is working like crazy to be able to make ends meet. I even thought about getting a part time job in retail (shoot me... seriously), but Rob doesn't want me to waste the time for minimum wage. It is times like this that I miss my bartending job, and the ability to make a couple hundred dollars a night with little to no effort. I am so not ready to be gone from my kids though. Belle is entirely too needy at the moment for me to be gone at all.

I really wish that I could really get into the holiday spirit this year. I need to surround myself with wrapping paper and Christmas songs and go to town. I honestly could care less if I got anything. I just want the girls to have a good time. OK, who am I kidding?? A will be happy with a box and some wrapping paper. I want E to have a great time. She is old enough now to be such a blast. I need to go take her to see Santa, this will be the first year... we will have to see how that goes. According to her, she thinks that Santa lives down the road at an old firehouse.

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