Monday, December 15, 2008

Crazy couple days

Saturday morning we woke up to our furnace that quit working. Have any idea how cool a non-working furnace is in Michigan in Decemeber... really freaking uncool. We woke up a matienance guy from the apartment complex and he had it fixed within an hour or two. We headed up north, got lost going and ended up 20 miles out of our way. The evil step-witch didn't speak to me, or the kids. She yelled at Emma for something ridiculous and Em started bawling. My grandma jumped in and was comforting her and said, you didn't even do anything wrong. Snap, evil step-mom- sit the fuck down and butt the fuck out. We left and the roads were BAD. Like 35 on the highway bad. (Speed limit here is 70 on the highway, so that is hella slow.) My dad and evil witch left after us, but must have been flying down the highway b/c they passed us and then promptly plowed straight into a snow bank. Everyone was OK, thankfully and a tow truck was there to pull their dumbasses out of the snow. My brother reamed my dad a new asshole for driving like an ass. We finally made it home after waaaayyyy too many hours in the car.
Today was Emma's birthday party. She had a great time and got entirely too many gifts. :) She is very loved.

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Anonymous said...

The new blog look is PRECIOUS! Um-yeah-cold! I am so glad that you guys are ok after that drie! step-witch better totally step off. Yelling at precious E. I will totally kick her. I am so glad that Princess E had such a good party!! Oh and that it didn't have to be at your house was a major bonus! lol