Thursday, January 20, 2011

we are insured.

Rob and I did it. We met with an insurance agent last week and signed on the dotted line. I can't believe it, but we will ALL have medical, dental and vision insurance by the 15th of February. Now I get the really obnoxious task of finding doctors and dentists that will work for us. I am pretty excited that I will get to head to the dentist, get my eyes checked (glasses here I come) and get an actual check up at the doctor. I am excited to get allergy testing done. (What in the hell is wrong with me?) The peace of mind I will have will be worth the pretty penny that it is going to cost us.

E is sick, she has a NASTY, barky cough. I am not a parent that runs off to the doctor with every little thing, but it would be nice to know that if I wanted to take her... I wouldn't have to worry about the huge bill that comes with the ER or redi-care. *For those that care... she has a slight fever, isn't eating but I am pushing major fluids, pretty lethargic though I think the not eating thing isn't helping at all. I made the decision to keep her home again tomorrow. She is going to be super bummed but I need her to be healthy. Plus, it is like 15-20 degrees here and the last thing she needs to is be hanging out for recess in this freezing cold.

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