Saturday, January 22, 2011

just breathe

I am happy to report that the whole being adults resolution is going well. I got our insurance cards in the mail today. I figured out our monthly budget for bills. (yikes... I know why I hadn't done it earlier.) My calendar is filled with bill amounts and due dates. I did my taxes and have been figuring out where the money will go. I AM getting a new MacBook Pro, so I am pretty excited about that. My current MacBook is dying slowly... I have a feeling that it getting drenched with fire hoses didn't help. R & I shopped around for a better car insurance plan and ended up switching to Geico. (seriously.)We added on our renter's insurance there too. We have been on an insurance buying binge!!

Both kids are now sick and I am about to lose my mind. E being home from school for 4 days last week (they had Monday off for MLK day then, sick for 3), has made me crazy. B caught the bug yesterday and puked today. Both kids are whiny, tired and clingy. I am about to lose it. R has been working like crazy, and was gone half the week. He is holed up in his office 90% of the day. I am left to deal with the sick kids, meals- of course the kids don't want anything the same, they are sick, drinks, whining, giving medicine, cleaning up puke and snotty tissues, laundry, bickering, the list goes on and on. I am one tired mama. I need a break. Next week at this time I will have money in my bank account (thanks to taxes), I am getting my hair done and going on a kid free shopping trip. I am going to buy stuff for me... because I can. :)

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Jessica Kerbawy said...

I think you can successfully not do anything for the next two months and STILL feel accomplished. Good work!