Thursday, January 13, 2011

adulthood... here I come

I am rapidly becoming a real adult. :) Tomorrow I start volunteering with the United Way. I am planning on continuing with volunteering there until I get a job. The job search isn't panning out like planned, but it is OK for now. I am really enjoying being home right now. I have been cooking and cleaning and being a human being during daylight hours, it is amazing. I volunteer at E's school for reading groups. As much as I feel like drinking a gallon of vodkas after dealing with 24 5&6 year olds, I still really love being there to help out.

I am taking care of some business that needs to be taken care of... It has been weighing on my mind for far too long. Time to bite the bullet and just take care of it.

The other big step is... R & I have been looking into getting health insurance. Which is a hefty deal. R is self employed and I don't have a job currently. It is time for us to step up and get medical (and dental and vision) coverage. We are meeting with an agent tomorrow afternoon. It is scary, but we are both excited about something so boring. I guess that means that we really are becoming adults huh?

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