Tuesday, July 7, 2009

not cut out for this

Monday was not my favorite day this week. Arabel woke me up by screaming in pain. I figured it was teething but was exhausted (I closed all weekend, so I was lacking in the sleep dept.) I rocked her and held her for hours before calming her enough for us to grab a tiny nap together. She woke up screaming again. I checked her mouth and she had gotten another molar that morning and had another one ready to pop through. (For those keeping tabs, that would be molar #3 ready to surface.) After she stopped wailing, she just laid on the couch. My vibrant 14 month old just laid there. I had noticed that she was babying her left arm, but upon my inspection there was no swelling or bruising. I head to work and get a frantic call around 7:30. Rob says she needs to go to the ER... NOW. I can hear her in the background screeching in pain. He fills me in that Emma had come to him and admitted to jumping up and down while holding her arm, she thought that she had hurt Arabel. I am at work and officially in a panic. Our friend Dan was at the bar eating dinner. He grabbed the keys and took off to our house. He stayed with Emma while Rob took Arabel into the ER. They went to the new-ish peds ER and it was a short visit (well, short as ERs go.) Arabel had what is called Nursemaid's elbow (or for those med students subluxation of the radial head) which is a partial dislocation of her elbow. A very quick pop and she was as good as new. I was VERY relieved to say the least when I got the phone call that they were on their way home and Arabel was laughing and back to her normal self.
I am soooo not cut out for my kids being hurt. This was the first ER visit needed since I have been a mom. I am however very grateful that I signed up for AFLAC supplemental insurance last week. My plan went into effect on Sunday and here it is Tuesday and I am filing my first claim. I am even more grateful for the fact that Arabel is now fine. Whew. Let's not do that any time soon.

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