Sunday, March 14, 2010

just a bit of a smile

I am smiling... slightly... we have unofficially gotten the house. We are awaiting official confirmation that the offer was accepted in the next few days. Keep up your positive thoughts for the next few days for me. I really want this and hope that this happens. Time still will tell. I can't express how much I appreciate the positive vibes that everyone is sending us. I have the best friends ever.

I talked with my BFF, she is going to move home!!!!!!! OMG I am so excited I could just pee my pants!! Her and hubby are currently looking for jobs back here. I can't wait to have my BFF back in the same state. Also, she is off birth control! Skweeeeeeeee!! I can't wait until I get a phone call that I will have a niece/nephew!!!

I got a promotion... well, sort of. I am back to managing again at work. I have been filling in as a manager for awhile now. Except now I have 2 manager shifts a week. Which is great and sucky at the same time. I was basically forced into the position. I am forced to give up a very lucrative bartending shift... which doesn't make me happy. But, I guess that it means that they trust me enough to run the place... again.

I posted a kiddie update at the girl's blog.

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