Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Muppet themed party

In 48 short hours, Arabel will officially be 4 years old. (How in the heck did that happen by the way?? I never approved this growing up stuff she has been pulling lately.) We had a gathering with family yesterday. I don't typically go all crazy with themed decorations and everything, honestly it seems like kind of a waste unless we are having a ton of kids that would appreciate that type of thing. Adults just don't get all excited about paper cut outs of characters the way kids do. Well, Arabel declared last week that she loves the Muppets (love is an understatement, we watch a Muppet movie at least once a day.) She wanted a Muppet party. The problem?? THERE IS NO MUPPET ANYTHING to buy in the stores. Seriously, NOTHING. It was up to this mom to try and create something out of nothing. Here is what I did. (I apologize for the lack of pictures, the party was a blur I only managed to get 4 pictures of the whole thing.... sucky mom.)

I bought a (Kermit) green plastic tablecloth. I prefer using plastic as it is super easy to clean up and after having 20 people in my house, I am all about ease. The standard size that they sell was a little long for my table, so I chopped one of the ends off and used it to cover up the area of my counter I used for food. I made little signs to put in front of the food with our Muppet themed food names... The Swedish Chef's Meatballs (swedish meatballs in the crockpot), Miss Piggy's Pink Lemonade Spritzer (pink lemonade and Sprite), It's Not Easy Being Green salad (simple green salad with dressing on the side), Fozzie's Funny Bean Dip (7 layer bean dip), Pigs in Space in blankets (mini pigs in blankets made with cocktail weenies), and Rainbow Connection cupcakes (rainbow cupcakes with cool whip and sprinkles). I bought pink and orange cocktail napkins (think Scooter orange and Miss Piggy pink.) I decorated with a couple animal print bandana's I happened to have around the house. ("Animal print"... get it?) We also played the Muppet movie and Muppets Take Manhattan while people were here. It wasn't overkill on the theme but lots of people commented on how cute it turned out. 

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