Saturday, February 25, 2012

Here I am

I have been mentally composing this blog for what seems like forever. Really, it has been a couple days. I apologize in advance for being overly vague.

It is time for a change. I am looking for a job, but not necessarily because I want one. I think that it is high time that I head back to work though. I am not looking forward to it, but I am. I know that makes no sense and I can't help it. Going back to work will mean a couple of great things... a job means money, time away (let's be serious, we all need at least a little time away) and money. As you can see money is a driving factor for me. I am getting older and I hate that I have nothing to fall back on. I want a little something for a rainy day, a vacation, a car, a new pair of shoes and just because I am sure being rich is way cooler than what I am doing right now.

The winds of change are a comin'. I can't say for sure what they may bring, but there are some serious possibilities. I do know that there is likely to be lots of tears, tons of swearing and hopefully some good thrown in there too. I will survive and be better on the other side, no matter how hard it seems to be while I am weathering the storm.

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kristin said...

There is always something good that can come out of any situation. ANY situation, my friend. Sometimes it is very hard to see the positive, especially in a situation that is hard on the heart. Even as small as those good things may be, you hold onto them with both hands and don't let go.
I love you to pieces. You are an amazing person and a fierce friend. Never settle! :)