Friday, January 27, 2012

Learning to say no

I happened upon this little nugget the other night when I was postponing my bedtime and playing on pinterest. 
It kind of sums up my life right now. I REALLY need to work on saying no.
Here is what I have on my plate right now: Mileage club co-coordinator, Book Fair co-coordinator, Box Tops for Education contest coordinator, helping with science night, VP for PTA next year- which includes throwing the first 2 events of the year... first day of school parent breakfast AND the ice cream social open house (all in the first month of school), active PTA mom, parent chaperone for field trips or anything needed in the classroom, United Way volunteer, mom of 2, wifey and friend. So.. yeah. I think this might be the limit where I have to start turning down things. Remind me of this the next time I start talking about taking on another project.

I need wine.

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