Friday, December 2, 2011

goings on

So here is what has been going on with me.

I am going to the first B1G Ten Championship football game on Saturday, oh and Michigan State is playing. That alone is amazing... but, I will be sitting in a suite on the 50 yard line. I will be screaming my lungs out in the comfort of a suite. (HUGE thank you to my wonderful mother in law for that! She is the one who got us the tickets and hotel!) Early Saturday morning we are meeting my in laws and driving down to Indy. The hotel that we are staying at is a surprise(!) but we were told we should get there a little early to enjoy it. *SQUEEEE* We have dinner reservations and we were told to put on our party pants. :) I am so excited it could scream!!!

Rob is contemplating a career change. I should say that an opportunity has kind of presented itself, and Rob is very familiar with the industry it is in. More than likely his IT stuff will go on the back burner a bit to go back into the mortgage industry. Rob used to own his own mortgage company, obviously when the housing market when in the crapper... he decided to go back to his IT roots.

All I know right now, is that I am excited and happy. :) Happy December everyone.

P.S. I also got an email that I am now part of the She Speaks Blogger society. :)

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kristin said...

WOO HOO for going to the big ten! That is going to be so much fun!! What a great MIL!
I hope that Rob's career change goes well and works well for you guys!
YAY for being a part of SheSpeaks. I first learned about SheSpeaks in the summer and it sounds really interesting!