Tuesday, November 8, 2011

proud beyond belief

Halloween came and went. Honestly, I was a little let down. Arabel wasn't 100% healthy yet and was over trick or treating within a couple of houses. Emma had fun, but it was nothing to write home about. It was very ho hum. I was slightly disappointed because I spent so much time on their outfits. Oh well, I guess that is part of the deal .

Emma cut her hair. That is the understatement of a lifetime. She cut off 16 inches of hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths in memory of her schoolmate. 16 inches. I had minor heart palpations while they chopped off the ponytail. I was so afraid that Em was going to be pissed when she saw short hair. She hasn't ever had short hair. I think she looks adorable, and a few years older now. (sob) My life has been made loads easier... no more 20 minutes spent washing and rinsing or 15 minutes spent detangling and combing. 2 minutes tops is what it takes now. Proud is the understatement of my life. She made a selfless decision because she knew that it would help someone else. I also found out that the random acts of kindness done in Adie's name is one of the things that is keeping her parents going on the bad days. We will continue to do random acts of kindness, if only to help her parents grieve.

I really enjoy doing things with the PTA. I volunteer for everything that I can, I just really love being involved. I was actually asked to consider being the vice president next year, which would then make me the president the year after. It is a huge honor to be asked, and I think that I am going to take it. I am excited about it to be completely honest.

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