Thursday, September 15, 2011

so yeah.

I think I work more now than I did when I got paid.

I spent ALL day yesterday out and about. I was doing work for the United Way, then I came home made dinner (chicken wraps and green bean fries) and went off to the parent association meeting.

Today, I set up for the school open house/ice cream social. I made dinner (chicken/asparagus/bowtie pasta with vodka sauce and garlic bread) and went to said open house. I even popped in before the ice cream social started and ended up scooping ice cream for the event. 450 bowls were scooped. I will likely have multiple blisters, I had to get a bandaid in the middle of the event because I started to bleed (ice cream scooping related injury- hardcore stuff), and I will be lucky if I can lift my right arm tomorrow.

I will be at the school Halloween party, and whenever they need me in the classroom.

Did I mention that I am a daisy troop leader now? Yeah, I have no idea what I am doing, or kids that I will have. Nothing like going in totally blind. :)

Oh and... I decided to take over the school book fair. Yeah, I might be over my head a bit. Thank goodness I get to shadow this year before going out on my own next year.

I have spent 10+ hours on mailings alone this week.

I pretty much rock at volunteering.

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