Sunday, July 17, 2011

Around town and back again

We have been all over the place lately. The family and I were in Northern Michigan for a fabulously fun wedding. The girls were the flower girls and they were probably the cutest flower girls ever. After driving back home 4 hours, I unpacked and then promptly repacked the girls. They left to go camping with my parents for 6 days. Rob and I decided to take the opportunity of having the kids gone to take a mini vacation, just the two of us. On Wednesday evening, we left. First stop was the casino for a couple hours, then to check into the hotel. After the hotel we hit up Bell's Brewery and a local place for dinner. Thursday came and we headed to the west side of the state. Lunch was had at Founder's Brewery, and it was delicious. An early dinner was spent at New Holland Brewery, after that we walked around the downtown area. Lake Michigan was next on the agenda for sunset. It was a simple couple of days, but it was exactly what we needed. Our trip reaffirmed that we really are so very in love, and are truly the best of friends. :)

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