Friday, June 17, 2011

Braggy Braggy

There are times in a mom's life that you are literally bursting at the seams with pride. Today was one of those days for me. Emma (who recently requested she be called Emmy now- specifically EMMY, because she likes having 4 letters in her name) had her last report card mailed home. I received her report card today. I was like a little kid on Christmas, I couldn't wait to tear into it. Report cards aren't just for the kids, it is more for the parents. I need the moment where I have the teacher back up that I am doing something right. (If you don't have kids, you have no idea... get at me when you have them.) Emmy's report card made me want to climb on the roof and exclaim from the roof tops that I rock as a parent. She literally aced everything. Every time there was some thing she could get a "4" (meeting or exceeding expectations) on, she got the 4. Every single math/writing/reading questions she nailed. Oh, then throw in that she was reading at a first grade level pretty much all year... and ended the year at a beginning second grade reading level... jesus, I need CPR. I just died, my kid is THAT awesome. My kid that could barely write letters 9 months ago is writing and reading at a second grade level now. I WIN!! Well, I rock as a parent and she had the most amazing teacher known to man. (I love the woman like she was a part of my family... I had to tear down the hall on the last day before I burst into tears when I said thank you and good bye.)

P.S. When in the hell did I become a sap? I was in tears writing my thank you note to Em's teacher. Good lord, I never thought that I would be that person. EVER.

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