Friday, June 25, 2010

What's been up

Nothing much new on my end. Too much working, too little sleep. I feel like I am constantly tired and could sleep hours upon hours and hours if uninterrupted.

The biggest deal in my life lately?? Another stint in the ER. Friday night Rob and I were hanging out in the kitchen. (For some reason this is the place we hang out and talk... weird.) I was sitting on the kitchen counter, I jumped off the counter, lost my footing and managed to smack my face. No, I was not drunk. Honestly, this would be a much more entertaining story if I was. I am pretty graceful, not sure if you knew that or not. I split the inside of my lip with one of my teeth. No broken face bones or chipped teeth, so I would say that I was more than happy to deal with a teeny bit of blood and the probability of a fat lip. The next couple days it is uncomfortable, but not overly swollen. I had a minor bruise below my lip, but I managed to cake about 4 pounds of make up on it and no one was the wiser. Fast forward to Tuesday, my lip is big. Like legit fat lip big. I am popping ibprofen and icing the thing ALL DAY long. I was googling remedies to reduce swelling. I was doing everything that I could. Wednesday morning was even worse. In a matter of a couple hours my lip had doubled in size. As a last ditch effort I took a couple Benadryl in case it was allergy related. After waking up from my Benadryl coma (that shit knocks me out... like watch out, bitch needs to sleep) my lip was bigger still. I simply told Rob he had to drive me to the ER. I wasn't about to deal with the kids in the ER, so I was going to have to brave it myself. I was all super strong until the nurse starts messing with it. She is poking and squeezing. I am 29 and was crying like a teensy little baby. The doctor told me that they were going to need to drain my lip. I had an infection and they were going to get as much out as possible. Then, he explained to me that they were going to shoot something into my mouth, with a needle (YIKES!!) and then dig around in my lip to get out the infection. Hi, my name is Kimm and I am freaking the fuck out at this point. As soon as he left the room I called my mom. I was playing it off like I was keeping her up to date on the situation. She asked if I was OK and I lost my mind. God bless her wonderful soul, she left work (which happens to be across the street from the hospital) and came right over. She held my hand as I cried hysterically because I was panicing about the shot... in my face. I was nervous. I sobbed like a child and had to be talked down by my mom and an EMT that just wanted to make sure that I was OK. (She had noticed that I was alone in the beginning, she wanted to make sure that there was someone there with me during this shinanny.) The lady who did the digging... just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. There was a point in time where I just wanted to scream at her to leave me the fuck alone for a minute. Turns out the shot that they gave me numbed a nerve that runs the whole bottom half of my face. Problem was, I was still in some serious pain from them squeezing, etc. The EMT told me that the numbness isn't able to work past the infection, which is why I was still in pain. The discharge nurse made sure that I got a couple vicodan to take right then and there before I left. :) God bless that wonderful discharge nurse. As I left the ER my lip was bigger than it was when I got there, plus it had split open on top and was bleeding from the pressure, oh, and I have a nice little bruise under my lip. Plus side??? I had a Rx for tylenol 3 with codine and an antibiotic, my face was numb, I had taken 2 pain killers, my mom was there to make me feel better and she bought me a shake on the way home. I haven't really moved from my bed since then. Emma makes a mean ice pack and gets water at lightening speed. Arabel is fantastic at cuddling with me. Rob has made sure that I have food, and runs errands that needed to be done, and wakes me up to take my medication. Rest was a strict doctor's order. As of very early Friday morning (2:15am ish) my lip is almost back to its normal size. There is still some swelling but it is feeling better. Please note that I am not some crazy pain killer addict... before I went in to the ER I had spent the last 24 hours in serious pain from this. At this point, I am not ready to let my medication lapse to see how bad the pain is, I know what they did to me... I am no super woman.

*If you want to see what it looked like... let me know. I will post a picture, I just don't want to offend anyone.


kristin said...

Bless your poor heart! And I totally want to see it lol

Jen said...

Sheesh, you poor thing!!! I was completely captivated through that entire post, cringing every few lines. It's amazing how something so minor can turn into something so huge! I'm glad you got some pain pills!