Thursday, May 13, 2010

a year older

I am officially 29 now. It was less than exciting. Next year I am hoping that Rob does something awesome for me.

Mother's Day=awesome. I slept most of the day and was awakened with lettuce wraps and a coke from McD's. The kids got me a throw blanket and a bigger memory card for my camera.

Bday= kind of lame. Mom made me cupcakes, I was surprised with a cake at work. I am guessing that I don't get presents anymore... which kind of sucks. I take that back, one of my faves at work got me a pretty kick ass present, that consisted of Dollar Spot items from Target. Seriously, it was a Disney Princess explosion and it is awesome. (I am currently rocking one of my princess headbands.) I did get a nice framed picture of me and gfs too. I guess that I should stop bitching... I did have like 100 (not exaggerating here) people wish me happy birthday on facebook.

Other than that little update, there is NOTHING new going on with me.

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