Friday, April 24, 2009


Picture this: 1 queen sized bed with a fluffy down comforter. Now, picture 1 30 year old man and a 28 (well, almost) year old woman laying in that bed. A perfectly comfortable nights sleep if you ask me. Well, that perfect little picture only lasted until about 3:30. Arabel started fussing around, she has been only wanting to sleep ON my due to being stuffed up. Since, I know what she wants, it is 3:00am, and I don't feel like dealing with it... I pick her up and bring her in bed with me. She is out like a light in a matter of seconds. (I have a very good chest for sleeping apparently.) I was back to sleep shortly after. I was sleeping, until a little body decided to crawl into bed next to me. Yup, Emma decided that for some reason she must climb into bed. Did I mention that she never ever sleeps with us? Ever. So, now my comfortable bed has been turned into the family bed, with me and the girls squished on one half. (What you thought that Daddy-O would wake up or realize what was going on? Pfft.) I didn't mention that both of our cats felt like snuggling last night, did I? I didn't get much sleep. I was too worried that I would move a quarter of an inch and kick one of the kids out of bed. I contemplated moving into Emma's bed, but I figured they would all just follow me, and that is no way to treat a twin bed.

We are all battling an allergy/cold combo with is less than fun. Emma started out stuffed up and has moved into a raspy cough. Arabel has a runny/stuffed up nose. I think that I got the worst of it. Itchy eyes, stuffy head, sneezing like crazy and my ears are killing me. I am living on Benadryl right now. Good, because it works... but not so great when it knocks me on my ass. I have been taking Benadryl induced naps every day this week. I am hoping that the warmer weather is here to stay, so it stops messing with us. I can't take this much longer.

Sad news: A regular of ours at the bar (and a friend I have known for 10 years) passed away this week. Last Friday, a few of us noticed that Chris had been MIA for a few days. On Monday we were informed that he was in the hospital, and it wasn't looking good. He passed away Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I hope that Chris is at peace now, and no longer fighting or in pain. He will be sorely missed by a great deal of people. Thank you for being a friend.

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