Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's play catch up

I haven't posted in what seems like eternity.  I apologize, but whenever I sat down to write a post I would start and then, get side tracked or feel the whatever was coming out wasn't, well, good. My life has been, interesting in 2013 to say the least. I will stick with just the new year for this post. There may be some gory details and personal stuff, if you are squeamish- you have been warned, there is lots of lady parts talk.

January 1, get sick with the horrible, nasty, no good flu that is going around and filling hospitals and killing children.  Horrendous. I didn't eat for 12 days. Literally, lived on water and no food. I lost 9 pounds, so there is my silver lining, I always said I was a stomach flu away from my goal weight. Hehehehe oh did I mention that I had found out that I was pregnant with baby #3? No, oh, well hold on to your seat, this is where the fun begins.

Saturday, January 5: Still have the horrendous flu with the fever and the chills and the puking except now I have started spotting. I tell R I need to be seen & we head to emergency. They diagnose me with influenza B and an upper respiratory infection and threatened miscarriage. My blood work comes back with a hcG count of 290ish, which is crazy low for as far along as I knew I was. (Thank you iPhone period tracking app, I knew my predicted ovulation date and when we conceived.) I am sent on my way with reassurance that dark brown spotting is rather common and to get my levels checked again in 48 hours. I leave with a Zofran in my system and a broken fever.

Monday, January 7: Bright red blood. Not the thing you want to see. It wasn't a tiny amount either. Back to th ER I go. During my blood draw I tell the tech that I am about to hit the floor, my blood pressure is unreadable for the first 4 times they check. When they are finally able to get a reading I have the outstanding blood pressure of 68/39. I am put on an IV immediately. The hospital is full to The brim and they end up sticking me in a consultation room until they can find a spot for me. Good news, I get to have another pelvic exam! My hcG level has tripled, this is good news, my levels are around 968. The ER dr. Looks at my after my pelvic exam and tells me I am bleeding actively from my uterus and I am miscarrying. I am also told to get myself to the lab in 48 hours and have my levels tested again. My levels were not high enough to see anything on an ultrasound so we were basically playing a waiting game.

Wednesday, January 9: blood draw at the lab- get results in the morning.

Thursday, January 10: bad news, my levels dropped to 940 something, which says I am losing the baby. Blood draw ordered in 48 and 96 hours to track my levels.

Friday, January 11: another blood draw, won't know anything until tomorrow

Saturday, January 12: Call the hospital per my instructions and have an OBGYN resident paged to read my results and tell me. My numbers have jumped up to 1700ish. Now, we have confusion. Dipping numbers say no baby, but then they jumped up but didn't double. Told to have my blood draw as scheduled and follow up with the doctor on Monday.

Sunday, January 13: blood draw, again. My poor arms are a rainbow of yellows, blacks, purples and blues. I look like an IV drug user.

Monday, January 14: numbers jumped again but they aren't doubling like they are supposed to, something is wrong but we don't know what. I have stopped bleeding randomly after a full week, so that seems encouraging. An ultrasound appointment is set up for the afternoon as my levels are high
enough to see something. I know nothing, the ultrasound tech is silent during the process and informs me to call my dr for the results. The transvaginal ultrasound isn't comfortable and that worries me, I have had them before and I wasn't in pain. The news from the doctor is that the pregnancy was not detected in my uterus, I was to come into the office for my scheduled appointment th next day and we would figure out what the next step was. I was told the best case scenario was the MTX shot which is basically chemo, and it would take care of the pregnancy. I was told to go in for more blood work so we could have baseline levels ready for my appointment.

Tuesday, January 15: please note this has been going on for 10 very long days. I go in for my blood work first thing in the morning, my appointment was scheduled for 2pm. I head to my appointment and am sent back right away. I was told my liver enzymes were elevated so I wasn't a candidate for the shot like we had hoped. My hcG dropped since Sunday so we had a couple options, we were going to do another ultrasound and see what we could see and if I wasn't in any pain we could be conservative about treatment as my body seemed to be taking care of it. My body had other plans. My ultrasound was incredibly painful and the doctor plainly told me I needed to go over to pre-op as he was concerned about a tubal rupture. I quickly figured out plans for the girls, and headed to pre op and was checked in just after 4pm. I was told they suspected the pregnancy to be in my left tube, but they weren't entirely sure. I was having a laproscopic surgery so they would know more once the scope went in. It was explained to me that less than 50%  of the time are they able to save the whole tube, so there was a decent chance I would lose a portion or my whole tube. Unfortunately, now e waiting game started. I was prepped and ready to go and was transported to the OR waiting area at 6pm, where I sat until just after 10pm. Surgery was scheduled to last 30-40 minutes. I was in for an hour and 15. It wasnt my left tube, it was my right tube, ,y left ovary had a sizable benign cyst on it that was likely causing me some pain that was removed as well. 1 hour and 20 minutes in recovery ( where the first thing I remember is asking for underwear.) I then spent the next 3 hours getting my laundry list of requirements checked off to go home. 4:30am and I was in my own bed. 3 small incisions later ( one on the left about an inch long, one in my belly button about a 1/2 inch and one on the right about 1 cm), a belly full of gas from surgery, and pain I was safe and healthy.

I am not even a full week post op yet but I feel ok. Not great, but ok. I am still super sore and can't do basically anything, but I am alive. Emotionally, I don't think I have processed what has happened yet, I don't know that I will for awhile, my main priority is getting healthy and recovering. Being helpless is not my forte.

Next update will be soon, promise. I don't have anything else to do.

I apologize about any weird formatting or spelling errors, I am typing on my iPad for the first time to post to blogger, I have a feeling there are a couple things that will be funky.

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kristin said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry! What a dramatic ordeal to go through at the beginning of a year. I am so sorry for your loss, I know it hasn't hit you yet, and that is totally understandable. I will definitely keep praying that you stay healthy, because you deserve some good health after everything you've been through these past few weeks!
Love you tons!!