Monday, April 11, 2011

going green-er

Rob and I have been trying to live a slightly greener life. Since we moved here last July, we have a recycle bin. Our trash output has gone done by almost 75%! I recently found out that MSU recycling center takes even more, and it isn't far so I am now saving the landfills from all our plastics & styrofoam. Psst... we are almost done with diaper here too. :) I really want to get into cloth diapering for the next one... whenever that may be. We have been using homemade cleaner (50/50 water and white vinegar) instead of chemical cleaners. The simple (and super cheap!) mix works better than your standard store bought cleaner. We will be trying our hand at making dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent. We are planning on a garden this summer... planting here in the mitten can't happen before Memorial Day, or we risk losing every thing. In order to give ourselves a little pat on the back for doing the fiscally responsible thing (as well as the best thing for the environment) we concocted a plan. We are opening a joint savings account, that requires 2 signatures with no debit/atm cards. Every time, over the next year, we would have bought detergent, dishwashing liquid, cleaners, produce (that is grown the garden), we are going to put the price of the store bought stuff in the account. Since we will have to purchase some products to make our own stuff, we will take that price right off the top. I can't wait to make our own products and let you all know how it goes. Who knows... maybe I will even end up doing my own how to post!

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Jessica Kerbawy said...

That sounds amazing! I love the idea of the bank account that you put your saved money from your greener ventures in. I can't wait to see how it goes!