Thursday, October 14, 2010

getting it off my chest.

I interact with more than a handful of people on a regular basis. I have a job where it is the same staff and the same group of regulars. It is really sad when one of those people turn on you. I had a friend, a really good friend at a point in time. Somewhere in the last few months something changed. That person started getting short, snotty and rude with me. I can't pinpoint what shifted the change, but it has gotten ugly. So ugly that she is one of the main reasons I quit my job. It had gotten to a point that strangers were commenting whenever there was any type of interaction between the two of us. I was (and am) bound and determined to not let others know how I am truly feeling about the situation. (Well, besides the very few people that I have very close personal relationships with, and the owners of the company.) When I put in my notice, I felt that as a person in a management position that it was imperative that I voiced my displeasure, as this person is technically above me. I probably should have just shut my mouth and let her find out some other way. My time at work has been gut wrenching. I physically feel like vomitting when I walk into work. The first week, I was completely ignored. COMPLETELY. I would ask a direct question, or make a statement and get met with a blank glare or have her walk away mid sentence. Any communication was done through a third party. I mean seriously, how old are we? We are both about to be 30 and I am getting the silent treatment. Week 2 was even worse, she was making small talk. I think that it was worse because she would say something to me and then walk away giggling with someone else. It is a total mind fuck. I can't wait for my remaining days to play out. Oh did I mention that her significant other works there too? It is just a walk in the park. Ugh.

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kristin said...

Oh what bull. I don't know what it is. But I've noticed some of my friends do the same. In the ages between 26-31 all the sudden they revert back to middle school and get all cliquey and catty. Anyway, I am so sorry you are going through. It's not fair at all. *hugs*