Sunday, October 11, 2009

Under the weather

I have been under the weather a bit lately. It started early this week with a terrible sore throat and cough. I was exhausted all week barely getting out of bed to fall asleep on the couch an hour later. A shower was so exhausting it required a 3 hour nap. Of course I had to work this weekend, I work every weekend. And, I never call in. Like, ever. (I think I have only missed like 2 days of work in the past 6 years and I was actually in the hospital.) Friday night kicked my butt, I felt like I could crawl into a booth and pass out. Saturday morning was worse. My ears were pounding and I felt constantly sick to my stomach. I broke down and went to Urgent Care. Turns out I have 2 very ugly ear infections (both on the verge of rupture) which was making me basically motion sick. I slept for 16 hours (and that is no exaggeration either) and started antibiotics. I felt like a new woman this morning. I am still practically deaf, but I didn't feel like I was going to heave all day. Thank goodness I have a good boss. She made sure that I was sitting down and resting when I needed to. :) I am actually off to bed here pretty quickly. My body is still yelling at me for being too active.

On another note:
Sarra looks like she will be released from the hospital early this week. :) She has not had surgery yet and may not have to. Time will be a major factor here. She is being released from the Navy, but that is a whole other bag of worms.

Parker also went home to be with his family yesterday! I can't be happier for Kristin, Howard, Kenzie, Maddie and of course Parker. :)

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kristin said...

Oh bless your heart!!! I am so glad you went to Urgent Care though!
I hope and pray for Sarra's recovery! I hope she doesn't have to have surgery, and apparently it's a positive thing that the Navy is releasing her-fucktards. Keep me updated on her, k?
And thank you for the little note at the bottom. He's home and I couldn't be better.:)