Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am scared. I am very scared for my brother and his girlfriend, Sarra. Sarra enlisted in the Navy reserves and is currently in bootcamp in the Chicago area. Her recruiter was a shady SOB and just signed off on everything. I am angry at this selfish SOB, but at the same time thankful for him. -Sorry, let me get to backstory.
Sarra was in bootcamp and wasn't feeling well. Blood tests showed that her iron level was at a 2. (Normal is around 115- though, I am not a dr. and haven't googled it. Either way, it was dangerously low.) She was finally sent for more testing. A colonoscopy revealed a multitude of polyops. They were so bad that the doctors didn't want to even go forward with the upper GI. My huge problem is that no one was notified of her condition. Sarra was finally admitted to the hospital. Her family and mine have been worried sick about her. After 3 days we were able to get some information. She was transferred from a VA hospital to a public hospital and has been placed in intensive care. Yesterday, the future was looking very grim for her. The possiblity of her losing her entire colon and having a colotomy bag for life was very probable. Jason (my bro) left for Chicago last night. I am happy to say that after being surrounded by her family and loved ones Sarra's condition has improved. She is reacting well to antibiotics and has been down graded to stable condition. We were informed if they had punctured the colon during the colonoscopy it could have been fatal for her. She is facing surgery on Monday to remove parts of her colon.
While I think her recruiter is a complete jackass for signing off on her physical and everything else, I am almost thankful. Had she gone through her physical they may have noticed her iron level and she may not have gotten it checked out further. I am thankful that she is getting the treatment that she deserves now. I can only hope and pray that she is OK.
I just want her to be OK. I want my brother to have the strength to help her through this and know that his family is there for him through anything. If you are the praying kind keep them in your thoughts. It is incredibly scary to think that she is 19 and going through this.

I also wanted to ask for thoughts for my dear friend, Kristin's, newborn baby boy Parker. He was born 5 weeks early and is currently in the NICU at a Children's Hospital. He is making incredible strides and I hope that he is able to come home on Monday as slated. He has a wonderful family to come home to. :)

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kristin said...

That is so freakin scary about Sara! omg! I am definitely praying for her.
And...I love you :)