Friday, September 25, 2009


I have been sucking at updating lately. I am fully aware of it, but couldn't get myself to write...about anything. My life is all super boring and semi-depressing as of late. Nothing exciting has been going on. Well, I mean life has been happening, but infortunately nothing is very exciting.

We took another trip. It was a wedding a few hours away and got to stay in an amazing condo. Yes, a condo for one night. Hey, I wasn't picking up the tab so I will take a gorgeous condo on Grand Traverse Bay anytime one happens to fall in my lap. The kitchen in the condo made me want to cry from happiness, and I don't even cook. It had a farmhouse sink that made me want to find a way to pack it in our suitcase and hope housekeeping wouldn't notice. This place was so swanky that we had to sign a rules and regulations contract. They expected a certain type of behavior you know. Well, it is a damn good thing we had the kids with us or those rules and regs would have been right out the window. Ha. Not really. Rob and I are getting old and boring. Oh and cynical, don't forget cynical.

MSU is sucking at football at the moment and that makes me sad. But, hey we always have basketball right? When does b-ball start again? Sigh.

My MacBook is sucking as well. My darling, beloved MacBook spent a week at the Apple store a month ago. They were going to charge me to fix it last time, but Rob talked to them and I got my bill for $0. I paid for Apple Care so everything should have been covered. Well, it is acting up again, not wanting to charge so my baby is back at the Apple store. I am awaiting some phone call to let me know what is going on. Though, I have been compulsively checking the status on a PC desktop. Ugh, kill me now. This sucks. I hate this dumb keyboard and this dumb computer chair. I like my Mac keyboard and the couch. I hope it is fixed soon.

I have been party planning. (Please remind me of the following words when I am a super star party planner and I am dealing with a mega Bridezilla.) The couple of honor.... RIDICULOUS. I can say that, she is one of my best friends. She has made throwing her a baby shower the most impossible task ever. I will have to post pictures of the invites I slaved over for HOURS. (That will happen when I get my laptop back. The party is this Sunday and I am just hoping that is goes off without a hitch.

Other than that, I am just sitting on facebook and playing mafia wars. (oh.em.gee. that sounds dorky. My life in a nutshell.)

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